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"AID" - Turn your Information into Action

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Material developed by UC Davis in collaboration with over 20 partner organizations.


  • Plan implementation - checklists

Developing a program

The "ASK ME" Framework for Extension "TIGRS" keys for success

A = Audience and Needs S = Solutions K = Key message

M = Message form and delivery E = Evaluation

"ASK ME" Info sheet (UC Davis)

T = Trust in the message and the messenger

I = Integrated approaches Engage farmers

GR = Good Recommendations Credible, Relevant (Demand-driven), Clear benefit, Testable

S = “Seeing is believing”

TIGRS Fact Sheet (UC Davis)

= Solutions. "What is practical and relevant to meet the needs?"

K = Key message. "What do people need to know to make the change?"

M = Message form and delivery. "How can the message be best packaged and delivered?"

Message Planning Message delivery
  • Training event Checklist Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Preparing good learning objectives Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Preparing the agenda Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Preparing the classroom Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Adult learning Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Presentation skills Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Effective training Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Field demonstrations Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Test Strips for Field demonstration Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Farmer-led demonstrations - the Farm Walk Fact Sheet (US Davis)
  • Designing simple experiments for informal demonstrations Manual (68 kB) (Roots of Peace)
  • Building a team Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Use of ICT in Extension Fact sheet (UC Davis)
Material development

E = Evaluation. "How can each step be iomproved?"