Pakistan is the producer of some of the finest long grained aromatic basmati rices in the world. As such, rice is a key export crop for the country.

Problems. The major problems facing rice production include Environmental stresses (water scarcity, submerge nice, salinity, diseases (BLB, grain discoloration), insects (leafhopper, white back plant hopper), heat and cold. Postharvest losses (use of wheat combines - Punjab-, drying, handling, milling, aflotoxin (Punjab), chemical residues, quality are also a challenge.

Opportunities. Include improved varieties, laser leveling, direct seeding and Crop check (rice doctor) to improve production. Postharvest systems can be improved through improved threshing, the use of rice combines, farm level drying, and better postharvest and grain quality protocols.

Available Extension Resources

Production Factors Postharvest

Seed Health

Laser leveling

Direct seeding

Alternate wetting and Drying

Harvesting systems.

Moisture measurement.

  • Video - Using an IRRI Moisture Meter (5.5 minutes IRRI) 
  • Video - Measuring Grain Moisture  (6.75 minutes IRRI)


  • Video - Sun Drying  (6 minutes IRRI)
  • Video - Drying Paddy (Unhusked Rice)  (5.75 minutes IRRI)

Storage - Sealed (Hermetic) Grain storage

  • "How to" Link (IRRI) ; Brochure
  • Video  - Sealed (Hermetic) Grain storage (5.5 minutes - IRRI)
  • Video - IRRI Rice Super Bag (4 minutes IRRI)

Quality assessment.

  • Video - the IRRI Rice Quality Assessment Kit (9 Minutes IRRI)
  • Video - Measuring White Rice Quality (10 minutes - IRRI)
  • Video  - Measuring paddy Rice Quality (12 minutes IRRI)

Milling systems.

Cereal Knowledge Bank (IRRI and CIMMYT) Improved seed access through public/private collaboration
See Design a seed production scheme suitable for your community
See Seed Health
Rice Doctor (IRRI on-line diagnostic tool)
Agri Punjab - See Crop Production Technologies