Issues for mangoes include True-to-type, postharvest management and the need for value addition to extend market options.

The key elements of mango postharvest management are:

  1. Although mangoes can get sweeter after being removed from the tree, if harvested too early, they will have poor texture and be less sweet. Therefore, harvest mangoes based on
    1. external color (depends on cultivar and may be light green to dark green or even red) (See example below)
    2. Shape (fullness of cheeks and shape of shoulders), and
    3. internal color (greenish white to yellowish orange)
  2. Do not harvest fruit by pulling from the tree. Clip the stem sufficiently high to avoid latex leaking and staining the fruit.
  3. Keep fruit as cool as possible and out of the sun as soon as possible after harvest. This limits fruit sunburn.
  4. Mangoes are very sensitive to temperatures (see guide below).

Harvest guides (from DAFF)

Mango skin colour (English - PDF, 170 kB)

Temperature guide (English - PDF, 455 kB)

Mango defects (English - PDF, 175 kB)

Ripening guide for R2E2 and Kensington Pride (English - PDF, 330 kB)

Handling Mangoes (Information from the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. DAFF)

Handling and Ripening Presentations (From DAFF)