Citrus Postharvest

Furrow irrigation will reduce the humidity under trees and reduce disease incidence.

The key elements of citrus postharvest management are:

Pick citrus based on taste and color (this depends on what the market wants, but usually approximately 75% of each fruit should be orange). Citrus do not get any sweeter after being harvested.
Harvest fruit when dry. If they are harvested wet, they develop blemishes,
Clip the stem close to the fruit to protect the "button" at the fruit.. A healthy button limits both disease development and fruit drying after harvest. Do not harvest fruit by pulling them from the tree.
Note for mandarins. Lower mandarins into bins - rather than pouring them. Mandarins have thinner peel and so damage more easily than other citrus. You can pour other citrus that have thicker peels.
Put citrus as soon as possible after harvest into the shade or cover them to limit spotting on the fruit.
Safely store citrus for 3-6 weeks at 5-8 degrees C. Citrus is very sensitive to chilling damage and lower temperatures cause brown spots on the fruit.

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