Tree Crops

Citrus and mango are used as model tree crops.

The major constraints to tree production in Pakistan are 1) Variable fruit quality and production due to variation in tree type, 2) Low production due to present management approaches (especially in regards irrigation. canopy management, pest management and fertilization) and 3) Postharvest practices (leading to fruit losses).



Postharvest Videos

The major opportunities for all tree crops are:

  1. Establishing a system for delivering reliable, quality, true-to-type trees.
  2. Improving orchard production, and
  3. Improving postharvest management and seeking value-added opportunities.
Postharvest problems Opportunities
Quality and product losses after harvest Enhanced practices using citrus and mangoes as examples.
Fruit excess at harvest causing low prices Value added products - e.g., mango processing offers great promise.

Key partners: PARC, UAF, and Arid University

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