Steps in e-Pak Ag development

Growing and sharing good practices.

  • Identify priority crops and associated priority needs and opportunities for each crop/commodity
  • Identify and review existing extension materials related to priority opportunities
  • Identify, collate and/or develop needed training and extension materials
    Note: Where possible, build off and link to existing credible, relevant sources, identify distribution options and potential linkages,
  • Help make materials available - through the site and/or through other sites.
  • Collect feedback on the site and materials and respond (by improving both).
  • Meet with partners to collect feedback on direction and contributions.
  • Conduct workshops and/or training to exchange good practices on material development to improve materials, sites and access to materials.
  • Pursue linkages with those using information - respond to feedback to improve both the site and materials.

e-Pak Ag. Sharing good practices. Consider a critique e-Pak Ag (or other sites like e-Afghan Ag including critique of actual training and extension material) and identification of good rpactices with a self evaluation of both sites and materials.

There are obviously a lot of extension oriented sites in Pakistan and we need to see how we can help each other. I believe site enhancement and material development are possible focal points - ensuring

  1. clarity of audience,
  2. quality of material - I.e,, making sure it is concise, credible, relevant, practical, easily found (on a site) and easily understood
  3. collection of feedback from target group users to improve the sites and the materials.

1) Vocational training (across the AIP partners) - Delivery was the top listed priority. This will likely start as a series of short courses (say 1/2 to 1 day courses in a couple of places. (Other topics include communication, leadership, data and experiment management and proposal writing.) I envision participants being accepted on the condition they demonstrate - after the workshop - application (or sharing) of elements covered during the workshop. For all training we want to make sure we use best practices for adult learning (I.e., engage and involve the learners - don't just talk at them).