About e-Pak Ag

The Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) is a USAID supported project, led by CIMMYT and implemented by CIMMYT and IRRI for cereals, ILRI for livestock, AVRDC for vegetables and UC Davis for perennial tree crops, graduate study and vocational training programs.

Two of the goals for e-Pak Ag are:

  1. be a repository for useful project extension and training materials, and
  2. be a catalyst for bringing key Extension partners (using ICT) together to share and use good practices. e-Pak Ag is our entry into that discussion.

What do good practices encompass?

Any ICT application must be to provide information that is: Needs-driven, Credible, Relevant, Concise, Clear, and Practical

Also an interface has to allow for information to be easily found. I am an agronomist who uses ICT (not an ICT "guru"). Thus I come at ICT very much from the practical stand point. ICT is a tool - it is only as good as the ease with which the information can be accessed and trusted.

See Next steps

A number of key National Partners are involved, including: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) and the University PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.

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